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Hi ya, my name’s Andy. Born and raised in Rome (Italy), I moved to London (UK) after quitting university. I was studying economics back then..¬†One day at the library, soon before an important exam, I found myself writing some lyrics for a melody that was stuck in my head. That was a clear sign to me. I left everything and never really looked back.

Since I moved to London, I spent quite a few years playing music with many bands and changed many styles, however I was never really satisfied of the sound. Making it short, it took me a long time to develop this sound. I’m using the web to reach out people who like my music and can support me in my artistic research.

I’m a rock singer songwriter who fell in love with electronic music and surrealism. My sound is inspired by many artists, Radiohead, Pink Floyd and Beatles among many others. If you are searching for original music that’s a bit different from what the big labels propose these days, you might like mine.

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